Thursday, December 6, 2007

On Oprah: Couple Revved sex life and how you can do the same!

Lawrenn and Randy were average couple with two kids. After two years of married, their sex life ".. kind of vanished", according to Lawrenn. As a result, they ended up unhappy and impatient with each other.

Lawrenn decided that they have to do something after seeing an Oprah show that emphasis the importance of sex life. Her plan of attack includes the following:
  • having sex daily;
  • Get babysitters and make date with Randy;
  • Learn to dress up;
  • Take belly dancing course;
  • having sex at unusual place (out of bedroom);

3 years in, their sex life is still going strong. As a result, they became closer and happier.

Dr. Robert Holden, a happiness expert couldn't agree more. Dr Robert Holden said sex is a form of communication but sadly most people don't devote their best energy with it.

Think your sex life is boring? just KISS (keep in simple, stupid!): make the time to give the best energy to your partner!

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Tara said...

I saw this episode and it really helped our relationship. The funny thing is the day it aired, I think was the day I conceived. Trying to find out the day it did air in December so help determine the due date of our baby. If you remember when it was, please let me know.