Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tips for Good Night Sleep: advice from Dr. Michael Breus

We all know that good sleep is extremely important to your health. In today's world, how many people really have quality sleep? Oprah invited Dr. Micahel Breus to give you a tip or two on sleeping.

  1. Comforting paint: The paint of your sleeping room should be conductive to sleep. Avoid high-gloss paint.
  2. Use the right light, preferably with 45 watt bulb.
  3. Use light wedge. You can learn more about light wedge from .
  4. Use ambient comfort pillow. It helps to increase up to 29% oxygen levels in your body.
  5. If you sleep on the sides, use indulgence pillow. Available at

Get more tips on sleeping well from Dr Michael Breus' website at

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